Construction scheduling for Architects and Designers

Planify is custom-made for the AEC-industry and has exactly the features you need to create professional grade construction schedules fast and easy.

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An effective alternative to old and expensive construction software

Planify has everything you need to plan and schedule construction project from start to finish. Easy to use and affordable, our 100% online scheduling software can be accessed from the field or the back office. Join thousands of contractors just like you, and try free today.

Easy to use

You don’t need previous experience with scheduling tools to produce professional schedules fast and easy.

100% Online

You don’t need to install anything and you can reach your projects from anywhere and anytime. Everything is stored securely in the cloud.

Built for builders

The Planify team comes from the AEC-industry and we developed the tool custom-made for construction and engineering teams.

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Important features for Architects and Designers

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